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Хоёр талын харилцаа
  • Хоёр талын харилцаа

    • Established diplomatic relations on 30 June 1964. The two sides marked the 45th anniversary of the relations by exchanging congratulatory message.

    • Noteable events in the relations between the two countries include the visits of Mongolia’s Foreign and Prime Ministers to Sweden in 2000 and 2003 and the visit of Swedish Prime Minister to Mongolia in 2004.

    • Trade and economic relations between the two countries started in 1970s but the volume remains limited. In 2008 the total trade turnover was USD 12 mln. of which export was worth 479 thousand and import - USD 11.5 mln.

    • As for Swedish investment into Mongolia, in 1990 – 2009 there operated 6 Swedish or Swedish sponsored companies which invested USD 520 thousand into Mongolia’s education and tourism sectors.

    • The Swedish Government provided Mongolia in 1992 – 2006 through its International Development Cooperation Agency development assistance of about USD 5.4 mln. The assistance was spent to implement projects in areas such as health, education, human rights – democratic governance, infrastructure, trade and financial system, environment protection and natural resources. An assistance worth USD 2.5 mln is being provided in 2006 – 2010.

    • Cultural exchanges started in 1970s. They included an exchange of delegation, scholars, performance groups and exhibitions.

    • The Mongolian side is keen to learn Swedish experiences and further promote the cooperation between the two countries. It is for this purpose that the Embassy of Mongolia has been established in October 2009 in Stockholm.